Since Han Zhe had seen the cheap father, he was deeply sympathetic to him and remembered the death of the Ming Dynasty more than a month later. The husband and wife are the same forest birds, and the big troubles are flying separately. Han Zhe has never thought about filial piety, but the situation has been irreparable. After saying sorry to this cheap father, he went to the plan to solve the problem of the country.

It was a modern man, and it was not long before he was thought of. He thinks that at least a few allies must be found first. This Yinger is very reluctant to inquire about the news. When will he be saved? Just because of her small body with the wind? It’s not bad to save her by myself, Han Zhe’s heart is thinking! Even if you are an orphan of a later generation, you are also a famous school under your own efforts. You can read a poem, but you are not at all tempted. Decided to train two cronies in addition to Yinger, at least there is time to take care! According to the historical development: if the force is strong, then you can go to Nanjing at least to ensure your own personal safety, and not to give those who are the throne of the throne!

This changed to the former Prince I was really a prince, Zhu Cixi, and it was impossible to think of it. After I finished, Han Zhe was a young man in his twenties. He actually had a small smug in his heart! Hey, demo, the situation is worse, can you be a young man?

So after that, he got up early every morning, and after the father gave him a good morning, he used lunch at noon. In the afternoon, he basically went out to eat and drink with Yinger, and he listened to the wind and grass of the capital. When I came back, I dressed up as a rich family, and brought some good wine and good food to the four inner pawns who guarded the inner city! These little paws were immediately touched by the resurgence. After all, in this troubled world in the late Ming Dynasty, corrupt officials are rampant, and who will blink them! Not to face Li Wei into Beijing, his men Liu Zongmin will not search for a lot of money in these lords, but it is a pity that the cheap father, was kept in the drums, has been worried about military spending. By the way, give these couple a few words.

xx因为韩哲把后世无耻的精神带到了这个时代,所以只需要十天。为了打消Yinger的担忧,韩哲只说他在书中学到了什么。 Yinger看着他一脸崇拜,Siren王子真是太棒了!阅读诗歌,阅读没有书架的书。你是怎么发现的?考虑到实际脸红,韩哲本身就是好人,后人不知道有多少疯狂的蜜蜂被吸引,但只为了诗歌和清洁,他才会明白!我想:这个时代的女孩真的善于作弊,只想着取笑她!





我,我要来首都,两个大人物,我在哪里可以幸福?当然,小叶还是去了北京最着名的春风大厦!抓住考试,进行屁试验,如果老人告诉我来,我懒得过来? (看完傻笑之后)说:改变与兄弟一起去的日子快乐! ------(韩哲为了隐瞒自己的身份,告诉他,他的家人是顺天府,出生在一个商人家庭,为了提高自己的地位,老父亲一直希望他能成名,所以他来到首都,名叫刘太慈 - 慈禧太子,但有兴趣做生意,希望做生意,赚钱,老人可能不会强迫他去测试这个名字,旁边这是他的表弟,也是为了参加考试!莹儿打扮成男,当然姓尹)